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While we started out as a Miniature Paint Studio three words have driven us, Quality, Consistency, Affordability.

Quality of product and services that is as good as we are able to offer leaving you wanting to come back.

 Consistency in the quality and services we provide so you know what to expect each and every time you return.

Affordability is the driving force behind us lowering out prices on our infantry packs by 45%, When we found ourselves always running a special sale for any holiday or event that was when we looked into cutting overhead, doing more in house and lowering per cast price per figure to the lowest price we know of for a macro cottage 15mm producer. When we do have to raise prices you can rest assure it is not because we need more profit for profits sake but in order to grow pretty much right now you are buying at a retailers discount.
 Quality, Consistency, Affordability.
Original, Creative, Foward Thinking
In 2006 when we started lining out concept art and pushing around ideals the market was an entirely different beast than it is today. With the release of so much new stuff in 15mm market being creative and original can be a challenge, we are forward thinking to our approach to producing miniatures but we are limited by our resources and knowledge. Plastic production, high end 3d printing, producing and releasing new product quickly is not a reality. At the end of the Day no matter what we spend on a product in preproduction we will only be able to sell x amount at what the market will bear. Our Rule set is not going to revolutionize the 15mm industry with new concepts in game play and strategy but we are looking at ways to insure there is longevity and replay value, Generic is not a word we want to be associated with our rules or miniatures.